Current State of Development

Today, there are many ways viewers may comment on media, but primarily just two ways when the media is live:

  • Log onto a website and vote yes or no, sometimes repeatedly, or;
  • Text a message on a platform and hope a curator or host selects your anecdote for response. 

As you have seen, theQuestion has a volume solution to each limitation. 

What is offered is a system and mobile application with patent claims allowed and pending that enables a conversation with a large audience. Real- time national opinion polling with the immediacy of a studio. Conceptual development of specifications is reasonably advanced. Technical development is not,  although many elements are off-the-shelf components.

We are currently seeking a partner or a platform to adopt the project to fast track its development, hopefully in time for the 2018 elections. If you are interested and have the capacity to support the project, please contact us.